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More About Me

There is no greater joy than that of dance. To express oneself through the body, with music, has to be one of the most liberating, joyful experiences here on earth. Whether it is in the aisles in the supermarket, the privacy of my home, or on an empty beach, I quite simply love to dance. I knew I was well on the way to recovery when, after a spate in hospital, I rose from my bed and wiggled my withered but, albeit not the most elegant or exuberant of of dances.


Back in the mid 80's I worked in film and television. High levels of stress kicked me out onto a path of alternative health - my passion for the body was ignited!  As a trained Shiatsu Practitioner and Cranial Sacral Therapist I began to experience the innate wisdom of the body, it's ability to communicate truth and self-heal. A training in Dance of Awareness in later years has taken me deeper into the the healing power of dance.

I believe my greatest wealth of experience is born from my personal journey of awakening. For many years I danced with asthma, a journey that would take me to the pearly gates and back - several times! I am happy to say I am now free of asthma, and have a passion for supporting people experiencing respiratory disease.


Through direct experience I  recognise sickness is the body's way of getting our attention, an opportunity to clear out old trauma patterns. The more we can clear out - the deeper we can connect with, and embody our true essence. This in turn bringing more lightness and joy into our lives. 

In essence I see our body as our portal home to Love. All that is required is the willingness to open our hearts, and be fully present to everything that shows up in life - the good, the bad and the ugly!

​My other great love - Dolphins and Whales. For many years I was blessed to travel around the world connecting with wild cetaceans. These experiences were truly heart opening and powerfully inform my work today. 

In short, it's my great joy and passion to assist you in dancing home to who you truly are, to experience the radiance, joy and love of your essence. 

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