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Passionate Creative, Energy Facilitator and Traveler with a love of nature and her animal kingdom. 


Let me assist you on your journey of heart awakening, to reconnect with the bliss and aliveness of your divine essence - in short to come home to you!


I've spent my life following the deepest callings of my soul, devoted to a path of awakening consciousness, and love - embracing all that comes in its wake. 


Together let's dance, moving through whatever stands in the way of you living your greatest joy - here and now!

Calm Sea

Dance Events

Journey through the heart into your body - moving with the body's consciousness.

No steps, not format.

Just following the rhythms and flow of the body, embracing all that comes in it's wake.

An invitation to dance home to the love & joy that is your true essence and

Fully Embody You!

Summer sessions in nature


Classes Start

Summer 2024

Personal Sessions

What are you dancing with right now? Sickness, emotional overwhelm, depression - simply the feeling there must be more to life?

Everything is welcome here!

Whatever is showing up, is an opportunity to deepen into the heart, and into your essence.

With gentleness and presence, I assist you in diving to the root cause of the issue to clear the way through to greater freedom,

clarity & joy.

Bookings open Summer 2024

Dancing with the White Whale:
A Journey Home to Love 

Eleana has a unique, and profound connection with the dolphins and whales. Writing with depth, openness and great humour, she shares her global adventures with her oceanic family, embracing both the magic and messiness of what it means to be “human”.

Each chapter introduced by Migaloo, our White Whale, includes an energetic transmission taking you deeper into your own heart, and the heart of dolphin and whale consciousness.

The highlight of the story is Eleana’s journey through the cosmos. In 2016, a near-death experience in Hawaii gifted her with the profound awareness that in essence, everything is love.

Eleana offers her reader practical help, support, and perhaps most importantly hope. Whatever challenges we face, we can all experience liberation and peace.


Dancing with the White Whale, is an invitation to bring the light of consciousness to your soul, to awaken to the love that you are.


"Being in your aura is a gift beyond measure
It's what being with the Ocean Beings must feel like....
totally unfurled by Love"
Sabinanada Ananda, Animal Awakening Events, USA.

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